At Shook's Pro-Green, we know how to get your lawn healthy and keep it there – guaranteed. Our professionally trained staff are experts in the care of your lawn, shrubs, & trees. We treat each plant individually with proper products to keep it healthy while controlling pests. We also take into consideration the surrounding landscape and how an individual plant is affected. You can immediately see how our attention to detail makes the Pro-Green difference.  Learn more about us or get in touch if you want a complimentary on-site consultation.

Our commitment is customer service.

Local Experts

The grasses that grow in our area are varied; therefore, Pro-Green has developed lawn-specific agronomic programs for each of the grass species. We follow our tried and true lawn treatment schedule; our experts implement the care services needed at key points throughout the year. You can review our lawn care programs here.

Why Choose Shook's?

We'll help you get the lawn you want. An incredible amount of work and perfection goes into maintaining our client’s properties. Unlike many other companies, you have our Powerful 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that we will show up and service your property in a professional horticultural manner.

Be good to your lawn.

Our professional services help maintain what you expect, a healthy growing, and beautiful lawn. We offer services ranging from basic lawn maintenance…to the most creative landscape design and installation available. Additionally, we will be happy to give you a free lawn maintenance estimate as well as assist you with any of your landscaping or irrigation needs.

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Our services.

Lawn Fertilization

Regularly applying fertilizer to your lawn is essential in providing your grass the nutrients it needs. Most lawns do not naturally receive optimal nutrients; this prohibits turf grass from reaching its best color, density and growth. Using fertilizer will give your lawn those nutrients it may be missing so that you can achieve healthy grass.

Pest & Disease Control

Georgia lawns are the perfect example of how the southeastern weather affects grass. During the summer months, your yard will face hot, humid conditions along with afternoon and evening showers. Georgia’s humid subtropical climate is conducive to fungus activity and invasive pests for lawns across our state.

Weed Control

With our extensive education and licensing, we are able to provide the most effective chemical lawn treatment, herbicides as well as organic products.  Depending on the severity and type of weed in your lawn, we use pre-emergent weed control as well as multiple visits to eliminate weeds as well as to keep weeds that may have already germinated from returning.

Core Aeration & Seeding

Core aeration is a process of removing small cores of soil and grass to allow air, water and nutrients into the root zone of your lawn. Lawn aeration helps improve density and aids in the removal of thatch (a dense, spongy collection of living and dead grass stems and roots lying between the soil surface and green grass leaves).

Tree & Shrub Programs

The aesthetic addition of ornamental plants is a wonderful way to maximize your lawn investment. At Pro-Green, we believe you should protect your investment; our technicians have developed a treatment program in order to do so for ornamental trees, ornamental shrubs or ornamental grasses.

Turf Programs

At Pro-Green, we follow our tried and true lawn treatment schedule; our experts implement the care services needed at key points throughout the year. Your technician will always select the best specialized chemical lawn products and organic products in order to give you a beautiful, healthy and environmentally sound yard.

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Featured work.

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About us.

With a well-established presence in Northeast Georgia for over 40 years, Shook's offers a wide variety of lawn care services while practicing modern and proven techniques in landscape management. Let our knowledgeable staff show you how quality and experience can make the difference.

Our Story

Over 40 year's ago, Shook's Enterprise was founded by Mr. Jerry Shook, an avid plantsman with a keen eye for classic design and a devotion to proper horticultural techniques. His journey began in Lula, Georgia, by working to develop a future for his family. The business grew exponentially over the next decade.

In 1992, Mr. Shook purchased Smith's Small Engine in Cornelia, Georgia, expanding his operations from Lawn Maintenance services to the Small Engine Shop. This opened up the business to include small engine repair services as well as new equipment sales for commercial customers and spare parts for the most popular brands of lawn equipment.

With his wife, Sarah, Mr. Shook was able to grow his business into the Enterprise it is today. Numerous services have been added over the years, and now Shook's Enterprise is a one-stop source for all of your lawn care and maintenance needs.

Through the years of hard work and customer support, Shook's Enterprise evolved from a one-man operation into the area's most highly regarded Commercial Landscape and Maintenance Provider. In 2010, Shook's Small Engine was renamed to Shook's Power Equipment, now offering the top of the line in premium lawn care products from Ferris, Maruyama, and Hunter Industries Irrigation.

Today, Shook's Enterprise has thousands of satisfied customers. They serve a majority of commercial customers, but some residential as well. Their current range of services is second to none in the North Georgia Area. According to Mr. Shook, "The finished product is always beautiful. We will do whatever we can to make you a happy and satisfied customer, because we realize without our customers, there is no Shook's."

Our Team

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Our commitment.

Your landscape is a large, living investment. Properly managed, it contributes to the value, beauty, and usefulness of your property. We offer creative and cost-effective solutions to balance the various needs of your landscape. From weekly maintenance to complete renovations, you’ll discover that Shook’s executes every task neatly, efficiently, and with limited disruption.

The program to fit your needs

We understand that no lawn is the same and every customer's needs are different. That's why the professionals at Shook's can develop a lawn care management solution that will meet your property's unique needs while enhancing the overall curb appeal. Utilizing our full range of lawn care services, we can keep your property growing in beauty and functionality while sustaining a cost- effective budget.

Year-round dependability

Our uniformed staff of professionals will be here when you need us, all year Long. From simple tree and shrub pruning to the removal of fallen trees in a storm, no task is too large or small. If you ever have a question or concern regarding your lawn, we will always be here to provide the answers.

Our guarantee to you

The customer is the top priority of Shook's. We do not compromise the quality of our services and products. Our decisions and response to challenges are based on mutual respect and developing long-term relationships with our valued customers, employees, and vendors.

The driving force behind our company is the desire to provide superior Landscape services for customers who want the best outdoor appearance. We're thankful that the majority of our original customers remain with us today and we'd love the opportunity to provide the same great service to you.

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Get in touch.

Interested in seeing how Pro-Green can improve the health and appearance of your home and landscape? Please give us a call at (706) 778-0989 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly. We are always willing to assist you, and we will help you bring your ideas together into a plan that will exceed your expectations. Excellent, reliable customer service is what sets Shook's apart from the competition. 

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